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Beijing Sndre International Intellectual Property Attorney Co., Ltd.

Beijing Sndre International Intellectual Property Attorney Co., Ltd. (No. 11169)
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Beijing Sndre International Intellectual Property Attorney Co., Ltd. / Beijing Sndre Lawyer Office which is the representative office of UK SNDRE INTERNATIONAL INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY SERVICE LIMITED, is one of the fastest growing full-service IP law firms in China. Sndre is officially licensed by Trademark Office of China (CTMO) and State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO), which is one of few Chinese law firms qualified for handling foreign IP matters.
Sndre owns a team comprising of dedicated, experienced, qualified, and highly competent examiners, attorneys and supporting staff to carry out the work of Intellectual Property. Sndre proudly represents clients from all over the world in every matter relating to patent, trademark and copyright, including patent application, trademark registration, IP lawsuits, patent annuity management, trademark renewal and supervision, computer software registration, integrated circuit topography registration, recordal of IP rights at Customs, and myriad of other IP related matters.
Sndre has been striving to nurture high-class legal professionals, provide first-rate services, and accomplish outstanding results. In order to achieve this goal, an effective mode of action consisting of comprehensive mobilization of wisdom, enthusiasm and initiative in our staff was established so that an esprit de corps, a quality that enables premium professional legal services for the protection of intellectual property, is engendered. Our cautious and conscientious working attitude gives our clients premium service. From the outset, we lay emphasis on quality controlling to ensure all the precision of the translation and all the written documents with the best quality. Therefore, our firm have received numerous honours and rewards as well as built trust with domestic and foreign clients.
Sndre has already established and maintained strong cooperative relationships with a great number of leading companies and law firms around the world. We view our record of success and our reputation for performance as being made possible only through the support of our clients, associates, and friends from around the world; they are our most important business partners, and we regard their interests and security as a measure of our own. By fostering understanding and communication and the long term mutually beneficial relationships, Sndre is keeping us with the changes of global IP environment. Thereby, we are able to strive for our client's and partner's most satisfaction by our high tailored service and our most transparent prices.
Address:P.O.Box 100045-28Beijing, 100045, CHINA, Beijing, China
Fax: 86-010-68999947
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