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EMO 2009 summarize the international production system offering


The EMO 2009 will take place in Milan, Italy on 5-10 October 2009 fieramilano. Promoted by CECIMO and organized by EFIM, a company belonging to the UCIMU Group, EMO MILANO 2009 fieramilano will provide a net area of about 100,000 square metres fully summarizing the international production system offering.

CNC platform

HBH Enterprise is a job shop with a secret, so while you will not find this thriving business in any official machine tool directory or on an actual map, you can soon discover the truth behind its enormous success. Like many job shops, HBH had endured the tyranny of G-code intensive CNC for years, until management made a business-changing discovery: Easier to use, yet advanced CNC is not only possible, it is here and now. Seeing is believing and having witnessed the power of this new, true job shop CNC, the owners, operators and programmers at HBH will no longer accept their traditionally-acceptable RELIC CNC. This is bad news for RELIC, whose agents will stop at nothing to distract job shops from learning the truth. This agent for change will humbly tell you he is just a machine tool operator operating as another machine tool operator who's operating on behalf of all machine tool operators around the world, and the reason he calls himself ''Dark Cover'' is simply because he has seen the light.

Now Dark Cover wants all job shop owners and operators to know the truth. Seeing believes. To find out more, visit:

Siemens Energy & Automation Motion Control Business
Tel: +1-847 640 1595 Fax: +1-847 437 0784
Booth No.: B09, E10, F03

Bar feeder, human machine interface

The Swiss LNS Group, expert in machine tool peripherals, introduces the most versatile bar feeder on the market: Sprint 542. Besides that, the EMO in Milan will witness an innovative Human Machine Interface and chip conveyor Turbo MH500.

Swiss LNS Group
Tel: +41-32 358 02 00
Fax: +41-32 358 02 01
Booth No.: G18/H15

Digital product development solution

Siemens PLM Software will provide visitors an opportunity to see live demonstrations of its NX software, Siemens PLM's digital product development solution, providing a single platform for CAD part modeling, 3D tool design, CNC programming, machining simulation and post processing; and Team centre® software, Siemens PLM Software's digital lifecycle management solution, providing a controlled information platform, supporting data management, tool libraries and process planning, from which to connect to Siemens shop floor systems.

Siemens PLM Software
Tel: +1-800 498 5351
Booth No.: Hall 3, E10/F03

Compact design generator

Accutex Technologies Co. Ltd will highlight its two-in-one compact design generator integrated with machine body, plus coverenclosed water system combined with transformer and water chiller that features higher cutting performance and less foot print, including Window CE controller plus new remote control box and LCD display for easy operation. The machine has an optimised water filtration system features with operation hours extended up to 60%. Cutting efficiency is 0.3mm wire -> 300mm²/min, 0.33mm wire -> 330mm²/min.

Accutex Technologies Co. Ltd
Tel: +886-4-2359-9688
Fax: +886-4-2359-7266
Booth No.: Hall 7, G27A

Machine vise

Auto Super Co. Ltd is a professional manufacturer of machine vise in Taiwan with 22 years of experience in producing this equipment. The company said they are adding different vise functions into our production line in order to meet with the wide requirements from its customers. Please contact Auto Super if you need further information about their products.

Auto Super Co. Ltd
Tel: +886-4 2628 1790 Fax: +886-4 2628 1792
Booth No.: Hall 4, A27

Laser, microscope, CCD camera image

Chien Wei Precise Technology Co. Ltd will present different instruments, such as laser, microscope and CCD Camera image with three different operations, manual, motor, and auto CNC. The instruments are suitable for applications like IC parts, lead frame of semiconductor, engine, rubber, precision module and 2D mechanical parts. The multifarious count monitor QC-200 can do the math of a point, line, circle, arc, distance, angle, polar coordinate transforms and pitch increment. Moreover, it also can complete the function by saving memory of the adjustment of datum and measuring result, the compensation of precision, and RS232 printing output.

Chien Wei Precise Technology Co. Ltd
Tel: +886-7 731 3911
Fax: +886-7 731 4976
Booth No.: Hall 9, C11

CNC lathe, high-speed machining

Ecoca's new top-notch products, MT520MC/5200 CNC lathe and VB- 1000 high-speed machining centre will be launched at EMO 2009 in Milano. The MT520MC/5200 is developed under the request of Ecoca's European dealers for bigger turning demands in the European market. The maximum turning capacity is 1000x5200MM. The VB1000 machining centre is equipped with computer aided structure design to obtain the best rigidity. It is also equipped with state-of-art Fanuc 0i M control, automatic screw type conveyor, and high precision ball screws on all three axes (C3 class).

Ecoca Industrial Co. Ltd
Tel: +886-4 2359 7666
Fax: +886-4 2359 7669
Booth No.: Hall 2, H29 -H31

Sawing machine

Everising Machine Co. is a professional sawing machine manufacturer with more than 27 years of experience. All products are manufactured according to the ISO:2000 international standard. Its latest design a tungsten carbide circular sawing machine now features servo motor drive plus ball screw feed transmission as standard. High-speed and high- efficiency cutting always give optimum achievement and reliable performance. The new user-friendly touch screen operation also offers the operator greater control with various pre-setting parameter and minimise setup times. Everising circular saw can be easily integrated into an automated production line and make higher quality parts faster and more cost- effectively.

Everising Machine Co.
Tel: +886-4 2359 3178
Fax: +886-4 2350 5420
Booth: Hall 14, G18

Tilting rotary table

At EMO 2009, Ganro Industrial Corp. will show their tilting rotary table for speedy and powerful 5-axis machining TR- 202~802. The TR-322 has a table diameter of φ300mm, thru-hole diameter of φ110, servo motor of α12i (rotating axis and tilting axis), tilting degree of 15°~115°, indexing accuracy: 15-inch (rotating Axis, 30-inch) tilting axis, net weight: 900kg, max. load: 100 kg (vertical), 200 kg (horizontal).

Ganro Industrial Corp.
Tel: +886-4 2537 6266
Fax: +886-4 2537 8066
Booth No.: Hall 9, B13

Angle heads, tool holders, power vise

Hold Well Industrial Co. Ltd will feature its angle heads that can automatically change tool, save time and increase efficiency. The heads' precision P4 class bearing provides accuracy concentricity and low temperature rising, avoid turning workpiece around to increase accuracy and productivity. The angle heads are suitable for drilling, tapping, end milling, face milling, and various machining applications.

Hold Well Industrial will also feature its driven tool holders that can be applied on CNC lathes and CNC turning centre, and improve the processing accuracy. Moreover, Hold Well will present its MC precision power vise with a mechanical pressure boost system that enhances efficiency and eliminates losing power.

Hold Well Industrial Co. Ltd
Tel: +886-4 2566 7659
Fax: +886-4 2567 2706
Booth No.: Hall 10, A05

AC spindle motor

Hpb Motion Control Co. Ltd's VM series AC spindle motor is especially designed to work with closed loop flux vector drive pursuit of high performance for machine tool spindle applications. The features of VM series vector motor are: fully laminated yoke, high output torque with compact size, omplete range from frame size 80 to frame size 225 for IP23 & IP54 and B35 mounting low rotor inertia, fast response induction motor with squirrel cage, maintenance free, speed range up to 8000rpm, good reliability and stability. It is available for continuous & peak torque even at standstill high overload capability.

Hpb Motion Control Co. Ltd
Tel: +886-2 8964 5666
Fax: +886-2 8964 1537
Booth No.: 3P/1, G23A

Adjustable coolant hoses

Jeton R/D & Mfg. Inc. has been making adjustable coolant hoses for more than 10 years. They use superior POM plastic steel to produce hoses. The adjustable coolant hose is highly pliable; it holds its shape well and won't spring back. Bending hose will not reduce inner diameter. Hose's length and angle can be freely adjusted, suitable for most fluids, and can be used for air or for water/oil supply to metal processing machinery. There are five kinds of orifice inner diameter available: 1/4-inch, 3/8-inch, 1/2-inch, 3/4-inch and 2 1/2-inch. Jeton also makes high pressure adjustable nozzle.

Jeton R/D & Mfg. Inc.
Tel: +886-4-2495 3456 Fax: +886-4-2495 3399
Booth No.:H04

Indexable centre drill

Jimmore International Corp. will highlight its Nine9 i-center indexable centre drill (patent pending). It provides the benefits of solid carbide cutting parameters while delivering high speed, high feed rate - 6000rpm / 0.1mm/rev. for alloy steel. No resetting and resharpening- time saving. Excellent repeatability with an indexable insert type. Extended tool life - K20F carbide, TiAlN coated. Improve your process performance holder with centre coolant hole.

Jimmore International Corp. (NINE9 CUTTING TOOL)
Tel: +886-4 2260 5352
Fax: +886-4 2260 8765
Booth No.: Hall 10, B26

CNC cylindrical grinding machine

Ju Sheng Precision Machinery Co. Ltd manufactures CNC multifunction cylindrical grinding machine (model: D1) since 2001. The company will display its D1 JU SHENG model, the first cylindrical grinding machine with ''double'' grinding spindles in Taiwan. It obtains multiple patents at home and overseas. The cylindrical internal grinding machine is mainly designed for internal diameter grinding. Equipped with ''FANUC 0iT-CNC controllers,'' the machine can grind a maximum of 16 grinding faces (internal diameter, external diameter, internal face, external face, taper and reverse taper) in only one setup.

Ju Sheng Precision Machinery Co. Ltd
Tel: +886-4 2270 8405
Fax: +886-4 2270 8408
Booth No.: Hall 6, N25

Horizontal machining centre

The HMC-630 horizontal machining centre is one of KAFO's high precision machines which won 2006 Award of Taiwan Excellence ( with extremely robust structure design. All axes are equipped with high precise and robust linear roller guideways, recirculating/through coolant ballscrews, digital drives and measuring systems to provide superior performance. The motorised spindle equipped large power (25/30KW), high torque (420Nm) and high speed (10000rpm) could supply a wide cutting capability. Since the spindle temperature characteristic plays a particularly important role in mold and dies applications; HMC-630 combines spindle with compensation of thermal expansion to achieve high repeatability and high accuracy.

Kao Fong Machinery Co. Ltd
Tel: +886-4-2566 2116
Fax: +886-4-2566 2116
Booth No.: Hall 2, H05

Cutting tools, drilling machines

Miyanach Ind. Co. Ltd will exhibit cutting tools & drilling machines. The machine serves as two modes of cutter that allows loading in a one touch or weldon shank. It also serves as two types of drilling that allows loading in an annular cutter or change with drill chuck for loading twist drill. The machine application is for cutting steel plates, H-Beams shapes, shaped bars, framework, and other machinery, shipbuilding, bridges and structures, steel reinforcements and construction materials. Miyanach's TCT metal broach (core drill / annular cutter) has 2 kinds of shank. The quick in (one touch) and weldon shank are suitable for Japanese or European type machines. The size is from ø13mm~ø 80mm with 1mm variation. Useable cutting length can reach 35mm, 50mm, 75mm and 100mm depth.

Miyanach Ind. Co. Ltd
Tel: +886-49-252 6448
Fax: +886-49-252 8092
Booth No.: Hall 10, B-07

CNC cylindrical grinder

The optimum series CNC Cylindrical grinder from Palmary is designed with high efficiency, high accuracy and maximum operational convenience in mind. Main structure of the CNC cylindrical grinder, when in combination with angle; control of spindle by C axis, is capable of grinding various special shaped workpiece. Working spindle carried with precision angle decoder, high resolution of angle control reaching up to 0.1um.The feed axis is equipped with close loop control optical scale to reach high precision. Retaining various functions of CNC cylindrical grinder, and applicable to angle and speed control. Fast and easy transferring custom-made grinding program, when operated with PALMARY-developed CAD/ CAM software. A high-speed algorithm controller executed under PC based + Windows XP, allowing input of 3rd-party software.

Palmary Machinery Co. Ltd
Tel: +886-4 2492 9799
Fax: +886-4 2492 9499

Dual face contact system

PrimeTool MFG Inc.'s simultaneous dual face contact system is applicable to all existing standard machine spindles or BBT spindle compatible. The unique hybrid structure is claimed to be the best dual face toolholder in the world. According to PrimeTool, its exclusive tool holder ensures: EXTREME productivity EXTREME precision, EXTREME quality, EXTREME tool life and EXTREME profits.

PrimeTool MFG Inc.
Tel: +886-3 420 5258
Fax: +886-3 420 5813
Booth No.: Hall 10, C26

Super productive twin-spindle turning centre

Tongtai's high-precision and highquality metal cutting machine tools, TB- 20YB, is designed for complex parts which: completely integrated turning and milling in one machining set- up. The unique 90 degree saddle construction positions the turret in an easily reached, easily viewed position for quick set up and positive tool point confirmation. Full C-axis with 0.001 degree minimum indexing increment and Y- axis provides the possibilities to finish complicated parts in one operation. The sub-spindle, through synchronous rotation, receives the part from the main spindle and presents the second side for two-side machining in the same operation. Chip fall directly into chip conveyor to prevent machine base from heart deformation. Advanced safety features dramatically reduce down time due to operator errors.

Fast rapid traverse reduces non cutting time and increases productivity. Powerful, accurate and high speed turret provides maximum rigidity and cuts with ease. Precision assembly conditions ensure high component accuracy.

Tongtai Machine & Tool Co. Ltd
Tel: +886-7 976 1588
Fax: +886-7 976 1589-90
Booth No.: F23

Cutter and tool grinders

Top Work Industry Co. Ltd will present its cutter and tool grinders. The equipment has a small floor area and quickest change time of parts: 10 sec. (one time clamping and unclamping). The HMI software is integrated with SIEMENS, FANUC and INTEK CNC controller. Search system of cutter database includes 4,800 standard cutters. In the cutter search system, the prediction accuracy of surface roughness is 93%. About 70% of the cutter design is reduced by the cutter search system. By utilisation of the cutter search system, the optimal grinding path is reduced to 40% grinding time. Automatic measurement is 3D touch probe and re-sharpening operation. The simulation of grinding path is 3D. No limitation in cutter design.

Top Work Industry Co. Ltd
Tel: +886-4 2358 1558
Fax: +886-4 2358 1268
Booth No.: M18

Machine tools
Yeong Chin Machinery Industries Co. Ltd will exhibit its new machines, TCV2000A, FV380A, NSV156A and NT2500SY. YCM expects to have a good response from the market.

The company will celebrate its 55 year anniversary in December. During their anniversary, they will unveil the company's new image and a new office, which has just been completed. A series of new products will also be introduced. YCM believe that its customers will be surprised by the company's new development.

Yeong Chin Machinery Industries Co. Ltd
Tel: +886-4 2562 3211
Fax: +886-4 2562 6479
Booth No.: Hall 4, C22/D19

Horizontal machining centre

YIDA Precision Machinery Co. Ltd will announce the new generation horizontal machining centre, MH-500 PLUS. The MH- 500 plus is BOX-in-a-BOX column structure design. Saddle with two ball screws design so the force on axes can be equalise on it. The 10,000RPM BT50 direct coupling spindle is suitable to most applications. It is equipped with module tool magazine so tool capacity can be up to 180 tools. Feed rate is 60M/min rapid feed rate and 1G acceleration.

YIDA Precision Machinery Co. Ltd
Tel: +886-4 2335 8368
Fax: +886-4 2335 8367
Booth No.: Hall 2, G26

Copper alloy wire

Yuang Hsian Metal Industrial Corp. is one of largest copper alloy wire manufacture in Taiwan founded in 1979. The company is also a copper alloy manufacturer in Asia who can produce copper alloy wire by using UP-CAST technology. Its main products are brass wire, silicon bronze wire, nickel silver wire, phosphor bronze wire, free cutting brass wire & rod, RoHS brass rod, EDM wire and copper anode.

The wire products range is 12- 0.10 m/m. The company exports its wire products to Japan , Euro, America, South America, China and South Africa.

Yuang Hsian Metal Industrial Corp.
Tel: +886-4-761 3688
Fax: +886-4-761 2289
Booth No.: Hall 07, H22


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